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Nominated for an Arizoni - 2007, LIghting Design

WylloRL.jpg (15567 bytes)

Sedona.jpg (52252 bytes)
Why do I live here? because this is NOT a postcard...
XmasPhx99.jpg (11760 bytes)
Xmas 99.. note the standing xmas vase in lieu of a tree :)
MeDebDads70.jpg (9007 bytes)
Me 'n my sister Deb goin to my Dad's 70th Birthday
RickPatti.jpg (8474 bytes)
M 'n my sister Patti. Same car, same event
Patti.jpg (7594 bytes)
Patti solo
dads70.jpg (10252 bytes)
Dad, Jane, Suzy, Bob, me, Patti, Denise, Deb
dads70a.jpg (16543 bytes)
Me, Jane, Dad, Deb
SuzyBob.jpg (9989 bytes)
Aunty Suzanne and Bob
MomRick98.jpg (47490 bytes)
Mom and I, Spring 1998 in front of her cottage
MomRickjan98.jpg (51615 bytes)
Mom and I in my uncle's backyard in Phx... t-minus 30 days and counting
Me... Fall '97 about to MOVE AWAY from SF Bay
Katana.jpg (6528 bytes)
Skinhead Rick and his Big Kat
Mytaiko.jpg (44030 bytes)
Playing my homemade taiko drum for a ritual on the beach in SF
RisingSun.jpg (58691 bytes)
The SF Taiko Dojo promotional pic from doing the movie Rising Sun ( member from 1990-1994)
Rocket.jpg (25610 bytes)
My Degree
MikeCollege.jpg (19069 bytes)
My son in college... he's BIGGER in real life
RickCuba.jpg (42174 bytes)
Sidling into a restaurant in Havana
RickHavanaClub.jpg (7750 bytes)
Having my FIRST Havana cigar IN Havana
RickPartegas.jpg (26353 bytes)
Mixing drugs in the Partegas factory... Havana cigars and Cuban espresso...1997
RickOakland.jpg (23195 bytes)
Stylin in my Oakland Loft
AliandJesse6mos.jpg (8969 bytes)
My twin grandkids Alisandra and Alfonso at six months... the cause for my first cuban cigar EVER... 
DebDancer.jpg (10236 bytes)
Deb, tryin on outfits for belly dancing
RickMap.jpg (15166 bytes)
SEE... i TOLD you we were going the wrong way!
Mike15.jpg (8749 bytes)
My son Mike at 15
BuffMeDeb.jpg (5560 bytes)
Buffalo (Deb's husband), me, and Deb
Jen12Mike9.jpg (16421 bytes)
My daughter Jenifer 12, and Mike 9
Rick8.jpg (9183 bytes)
This is out of sequence, but I thot a pic of me at 8 belonged next to my son =)
MeCyn.jpg (18391 bytes)
Me and Cynthia at the NAMM show
jen18mos.jpg (10334 bytes)
Jenifer at 18 mos.
Rick16.jpg (9661 bytes)
ME... only 4 years earlier
thanksgiving2 65.jpg (322629 bytes)
Thanksgiving 65
thanksgiving 65.jpg (418266 bytes)
Another one... that's my paternal grandmother on the right !


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