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Rick Hamouris - Big Sky Studios - Phoenix, AZ

2011 - Technical Director, Lighting and Sound Designer / Engineer - "The Tiffany Box" by Kathleen Buckstaff, United SOLO Festival, Theatre Row 410 W 42nd St, NY, NY

2008 - Technical Director, Lighting and Sound Designer / Engineer - "Space Inside" by Bonnie Eckard , The Producer's Club, Off Broadway, NY, NY

2007 - Present - Technical Director
- Theatre Artists Studio 
("Twist of the Magi", Lighting Design)
("Proof", Lighting Design)
("Great Playwright Series: Arthur Miller Ė The Later Years - Two One Act Plays: Elegy for a Lady and I Canít Remember Anything", Lighting Design)
("Father Christmas and the Snow Queen", Lighting Design)
("The Tiffany Box", Lighting Design, Sound Design)
("Light Up the Sky", Lighting Design)
("Strangers in the Bedroom, Two Pinter Plays", Lighting Design)
("Summer Shorts Festival 2010", TD, Lighting Design)
("The Ladies of Tin Pan Alley - Words for Music Series", TD, Lighting Design)
("Honor", TD, Lighting Design)
("Medea's Ghost", TD, Lighting Design)
("Father Christmas and the Snow Queen", TD, Lighting Design. Set Design, Sound Design)
("Accomplice", TD, Lighting Design, Sound Design)
("Philosophical Musings: Annie Moscow", TD, Lighting Design, Sound Engineering)
("Summer Shorts festival 2009", TD, Lighting Design)
("Trio with Flute", TD, Lighting Design, Sound Design)
("Seasonings - 5 1 Acts", TD, Lighting Design, Actor)
("Together Forever", TD, Lighting Design, Sound Engineering)
("SUDZ", TD, Lighting Design)
("Peoria", TD, Lighting Design)
("Ira Gershwin: In His Own Words - Words for Music Series", TD, Lighting Design, Sound Engineering)
("Marriage Play", TD, Lighting Design)
("Summer Shorts Festival 2008", TD, Lighting Design, Sound Design)
("Throwing Snowballs at the Moon and Post-Game Show", Lighting Design, Sound Design)
("Collected Stories", Lighting Design, Sound Design)
("Kissing", Lighting Design, Sound Engineering, Video Design),
("Riding to Bethlehem", Lighting Design),
("A Body of Water" Lighting Design, Sound Composition), Scottsdale, AZ

2004 - 2007 Music Director and Creative Consultant - 
Creative Youth Theatre
All Productions: Staging, Sets, Costuming consultant

("The Little Princess" Sound Design, Lighting Design *ariZoni award nominee for lighting and sound design - production won Overall Production award)
("Puss n Boots" Sound Design, Lighting Design)
("The Spell of Sleeping Beauty" Sound Design, Lighting Design)
("The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Sound/Music Design, Lighting Design)
("The Grump that Tried to Dump Christmas" Sound Design, Lighting Design)
("Not Another Holiday Play" Theme Song production)
("The No Bully Zone" an ongoing presentation for schools in the Phoenix Metro Area - Music/Sound Design, Engineering, Co-Producer), Phoenix, AZ

Festival of First Fruits, (Benefit Concert), Golden Gate Band Shell, San Francisco, CA
The Great Earth Survival Revival, (Benefit concert), Nevada City, CA
Spring Equinox, (CAW seasonal celebration), Annwfn Sanctuary - Redwood Valley, CA.
The Eleusyninan Mysteries, (CAW seasonal celebration), Pinnacles National monument Hollister, CA.
After the Fire, (Collaborative dance/ritual with Joan Levinson producer, Luisa Teisch, S.F. Taiko Dojo, Kitka), Oakland, CA.
Edwin Hawkins Gospel Seminar Mass Choir, (Recorded concert/service), Oakland, CA.
The Great Earth Survival Revival, (Ritual/concert), Laytonville, CA.
Inori, (Collaborative dance/concert/ritual with S.F. Taiko Dojo), Berkeley, CA.
Jazz in the City, (Collaborative concert with S.F. Taiko Dojo and Rova saxophone quartet), Grace Cathedral San Francisco, CA.
Pacific Rim Gala, (concert with S.F. Taiko Dojo), War Memorial Opera House - San Francisco, CA.
Beltane '91, (3 day ritual celebration), Annwfn Sanctuary - Redwood Valley, CA.
Trefoil, (Collaborative dance/concert), Merry Meet festival, Saratoga, CA.
Suite Evolution, (Collaborative dance/concert/ritual), Fresno, CA.
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, (Collaborative ritual theatre), San Francisco, CA.
Untitled collaboration, (with Bobby McFerrin, Allen Strange, Suzanne Ciani), San Luis Obispo, CA.
Untitled Collaboration, (with Morton Subotnick, Mark Morris Dance Company), San Luis Opbispo, CA.

Composition Only:
Yuletide Songs, (CD of 15th and 16th century carols).
Wheels of Life, (Meditation tape, companion piece to book by the same name - Anodea Judith, Author).
The Deception of Benjamin Steiner, (Film score), Hollywood, CA.
We Are a Circle, (Ritual chant published by Findhorn Press {1989},the Women's Studio of the National Film Board of Canada, {1990}, The Green Earth Spirituality Song Book {1991}).
Welcome to Annwfn, (Album of original songs).
Metropolis, (Film score), San Luis Obispo, CA.

Works in Progress:
Loves, Lost, (An album of love songs... get the tissues out)
Light Engines
, (Album of electronic synthesis)
Songs from the Other Side, (Album of Contemporary Spiritual Alternatives)
Another Trip Around the Sun, (Album of songs celebrating the seasonal cycle)
Postcards from the Gulf, (Album of reflections on the human and environmental carnage during and since the Gulf War)
Evolution!, (A multimedia rock opera and travelling show)

Related Experience:
2007 - Present Technical Director, Theatre Artists Studio, Scottsdale, AZ
2004-2007 Music Director
, Creative Youth Theatre, Phoenix, AZ.
1991-93 Guest artist/instructor, Children and Adults Healing Arts program, Napa State Mental Hospital, Napa, CA.
1990-95 Musical Director, Gaia's Hall Oakland, CA.

1998 UACT Multimedia Certification Program, Phoenix, AZ

1986, 87 California State University Summer Arts '86 & '87, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA.

1968-71 San Jose State University Tutorials in Letters and Science (Music/Drama), San Jose, CA.




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