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Rick Hamouris (composer, musician, singer, arranger, and engineer) plays a dozen or so electronic and acoustic instruments. He studied computer enhanced synthesis at the intensive interdisciplinary C.S.U. Summer Arts Program with Morton Subotnick, Suzanne Ciani and Bobby McFerrin.  He has published two albums of original music, scored two films, performed with the San Francisco Taiko Dojo, and toured with numerous bands. His song "We are a Circle" is used by Earth-centric groups throughout the world, and has been been published by the Findhorn Press, among others. The latest publication in which this song appears is: Songs For Earthlings by Julie Forest Middleton and published by Emerald Earth Publishing. Rick has collaborated on ritual theatre and musical performance projects, most notably EVOLUTION!, a multimedia rock opera and traveling show under development by W. Hunter Roberts. He served as Music Director for four years with the Creative Youth Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, and was a 2007 ariZoni award nominee for his lighting and sound design. Currently Rick is the Technical Director for Theatre Artists Studio in Scottsdale.




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