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Phoenix, AZ


Database, telecom, and internet applications development - Oracle Forms and Reports, PL/SQL, Visual Foxpro, T-SQL, Clipper, dBase, MS Access, FTP, Photoshop 5, HTML, 3D Studio Max, Authorware, Front Page, Flash 5.

Network management and engineering - NT 3.51/4.0, Netware 2.x/3.x, TCP/IP, .

Industry experience - Government, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, purchasing, promotion fulfillment, insurance, telecommunications, voicemail, education, legal, OEM, technical placement, software development, entertainment, music, accounting.

Education - San Jose State University

Independent Consultant 6/89 - present

Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality 11/02 - Present - Phoenix, AZ - Sr. Developer 

Maintained State Assurance Fund claim processing database in VFP6/7. Performed as business analyst and technical liaison for Oracle conversion project. Converted forms, reports, packages, and sql scripting for enterprise-wide 6i to 10g conversion project. Developed analytical tools for cost review, technical, and management staff. Researched SOA technologies and approaches for GITA driven SOA imperative. Perfomed as subject matter expert for PHP data warehouse project and developer crosstraining.

Statewide Insurance Corp. 1/02 - Present - Phoenix, AZ - Sr. Developer 

Developed new features and maintained proprietary insurance quoting, rating, and document tracking application using VFP 6.0.  Developed browser based prototypes for application migration project using MSSQL server backend and ASP/Java client side. Performed analysis and documentation to facilitate redesign and development as a browser based application. Developed integrated html help system

Continental Promotion Group 11/98 - 12/01 - Scottsdale, AZ - Sr. Developer

Designed and coded Visual FoxPro to MSSQL transition and bridging applications, SQL stored procedures. Developed secure, PGP encrypted data transfer applications. Designed and developed custom SQL import and data validation application for principal client. Developed Visual Foxpro applications for FTP transfer of data between client and financial institutions. Provided production support for promotion management and invoicing. Co-managed design and development teams for custom application development projects.

Saxton, Inc. 8/98 - 1/99 - Tempe, AZ 

Designed and developed CDROM catalog application for this wholesale distributor using Foxpro and HTML. Designed and developed interactive web site using Photoshop 5 and Front Page 98.

Health Partners Health Plans 7/98 - 11/98 - Phoenix, AZ - Y2K Compliance Analyst

Analyzed 55 incoming and outgoing feeds, internal processes for Y2K compliance. Developed MS Access database for project tracking and documentation. Converted Foxpro 2.6 check processing application to Visual Foxpro, developed new functionality and optimized this application's operation. Developed VFP application for individual and commercial billings. Researched OMR enhancement for high speed printing project.

Premier Card Services 7/98 - 8/98 - Phoenix, AZ - Web Site Developer

Performed initial web site design and prototypes for three sites. Converted existing imagery with Photoshop 5. Consulted with client re: marketing strategy.

Data-Tel Info Solutions 6/98 - 10/98 - Phoenix, Az - Web Site Developer/ Administrator

Designed, developed, published and maintained internet web presence for this hardware, software and services company using Photoshop 5 and Front Page 98. Determined ISP availability and appropriateness. Performed marketing functions and ongoing site maintenance.

GSM Software 4/98 - 6/98 - Mesa, AZ - Database Applications Developer

Developed and maintained Foxpro telemarketing application, remote site support, network troubleshooting.

Terrace Consulting 2/98 - S.F., CA - CIG Project Specialist

Developed stored procedures in PL/SQL for California Insurance Group project. Designed tables for Oracle 7 database. Developed Crystal Reports forms. Assessed project status and made recommendations for hardware, software and personnel requirements.

PMI Mortgage Insurance, Inc. 7/97 - 1/98 - S.F., CA - Technical Services Consultant

Trained support staff in NT 4.0 technologies, troubleshooting techniques. Analyzed and improved technical services operations. Supported operations enterprise wide.

Destiny Telecomm International, Inc. 12/96 - 7/97 - Oakland, CA - Sr. Database Engineer/Sr. Project Manager

Applications development: Designed, developed and documented conference bridge automation system in Visual FoxPro 5.0. Integrated conference bridge systems with IVR and FTP hosts. Modified existing MS Access customer service application.Assessed systems integration projects including automated credit card processing and settlement, conference bridge system install and automated reservations, virtual store development. Trained and supervised database admin and billing analyst. Documented telecom systems' structure and data flow. Evaluated new telecom and  networking technologies.

Network engineering: Built, installed and configured NT 3.51 and 4.0 servers as well as NT 4.0 and Win95 workstations. Upgraded servers to NT 4.0. Installed and managed DHCP, DNS, WINS servers in TCP/IP and NETBEUI environment. Managed multiple domains. Configured SQL, Exchange, Merchant, Site, and Commerce servers for virtual store.

Bedford Consultants, Inc. 5/95 - 11/96 - San Francisco, CA - IS Consultant/Acting IS Director

Applications development: Clipper technical placement product upgrade and maintenance. Website for product demo distribution, Windows Visual FoxPro prototype and specification. Back end reporting system in MS Access. Completed application documentation.

Assessed IS operations: upgraded and maintained Novell LAN, remote access, hardware and software installations and configuration. Trained staff.

Red Rose Collection, Inc. 4/94 - 5/95 - Millbrae, CA - MIS Consultant/Acting MIS Director

Applications development: Enhancements in Foxpro order entry, inventory control, purchasing/projections, circulation systems for sales operations. Developed MS Access sales and client tracking system for custom products division. Maintained direct marketing database systems for retail, wholesale, distribution, circulation, marketing, purchasing, accounting, creative, and administration.

Upgraded and maintained Novell LAN, installed RF WAN, remote access. Maintained Rolm 9000 series telephone switch and ACD applications. Managed accounting transition project (Great Plains to SBT). Trained and supervised two jr. programmer analysts, supported 100+ office staff.

Peter Dehlinger and Associates - 1994 - Palo Alto, CA

Clipper application maintenance, site support for legal firm. Network administrator. Remote Access. Needs analysis, SQA and resource procurement.

VoiceBank, Inc. - 1990-94 - Brisbane, CA

Applications development: Designed and developed PBX data acquisition application in FoxPro for voicemail service bureau. Modified Foxpro client service and billing application to conform to new hardware requirements. Converted A/R reporting, billing, and customer service system to multi-user.Performed analysis for major hardware conversion project. Trained engineering, customer service and accounting staff in FoxPro and MS Access development.

Computerland Corporate Headquarters - 1990-93 - Pleasanton, CA

Applications development: Backend accounting reports. On-line help file for multi-user accounts receivable system. Clipper 5.01 mailing list mgmt. application, provided technical documentation. Royalty rebates - royalty forecasting - accounts receivable. Performed custom list extractions, mainframe data import and merge/purge operations. Managed National Accounts division LAN (3 servers). Trained staff to use and program in: Clipper 5.01/5.2, FoxPro 2.0/2.5/2.6, dBase III+. Provided user support, system maintenance, needs analysis.

Cogswell Polytechnic College - 1989 - Cupertino, CA

Dbase/Clipper programming, database design - student records application.

7/84 - 6/89 Siemens Optoelectronics - Cupertino, CA - Production Control Planner/Scheduler and Production Supervisor III/V Materials

Applications development: Inventory, WIP, and process tracking system for semiconductor manufacturing, engineering, production control, accounting in dBase and Clipper. COPQ system. SQC module. Tracking system and reports for ULED test. Scheduling module. Traceability application for Mil/Hi-Rel line.Managed DESC certification and production planning projects. Researched and wrote formal specifications in application for DESC certification. Trained operators, production control, and production supervisors. Evaluated software and hardware, made recommendations for improvement and future expansion. Supervised production personnel in semiconductor manufacturing



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