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Random Thoughts
Rick's Pool Project
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Saturday, 7 February 2004
Science notes
Mood:  lazy
Topic: Random Thoughts
Tried to find the archives from a Science Channel show I saw a few weeks ago... but geez... there ARE no archives... how can that be?

"Science Discoveries This Week" - you'd THINK there would be a way to access all those new developments... since the channel BOTHERED to put them into a show in the first place... no catalog? no index? nuthin...

ok... so here goes MY attempt to recreate the salient points I was trying to remember.

1) Recent research into the human genome, specifically genetic diversity, theorizes that we all come from a small village of about 2000 people. In other words, there seems to be only 2000 or so different peoples gene suites in the general population. Which explains why we think we've seen 'that' person before. Or why they think they know YOU. Or why we can lump certain people or their gestures into a bucket for which we feel disdain, hatred, awe, infatuation, camaradrie, etc... pick one or two :)

2) This village seems to have existed approximately 70,000 years ago.

3) Since you have two parents, and they have two parents, and they have two parents... and so on and so on and so on... if you go back 30 generations there would have been over a billion people on the planet, except there weren't. This means that SOMEBODY's mother's sisters son was foolin around with their mother's father's sister or some such... we're ALL inbred :)

4) Genetic research regarding lice, specifically body lice (which have only populated the planet since people began wearing clothing... they live in the clothes... don't life knock ya out?), indicates that this species of varmint has only been around for about... you guessed it, 70,000 years...

5) Archaeologists performing carbon dating on the very earliest sewing needles seem to agree that these tools did not exist prior to about... umm... 70,000 years ago (thus the clothing, thus the lice)

SO... apparently 70,000 years ago, the party (or maybe orgy) broke up and we all scattered to the four points of the compass. Those people who moved to cooler climes needed clothes so they invented lice and needles along with clothing. Those who were smart enough to stay in a warm place not only didn't suffer from body lice, but had a built in tan they didn't have to work on alla time.

** more misc notes...

I recently took an audio course on the history of the English language. Those languages which spring from Indo-European all have the same basic word for boat, oar, and navigation but have different words for sea or ocean. This is consistent with the events outlined above... the tribe's shards ran into huge bodies of water AFTER they had figured out how to traverse lakes (or inland seas).

Posted by rdhamouris at 11:05 AM EST
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Saturday, 8 November 2003
Here there be monsters... haarrrrrr..........
Mood:  mischievious
Now that I've stumbled across a way to publish a weblog... I'll be sifting thru my vast stores of rants and publishing them here for you to peruse and shake your head in dismay about...

From things I've found myself screaming at the TV about, to planks for my platform and presidential race, you will find it here... the innermost reaches of the mind of the artist formerly known as Dr. Science.

watch this space...

...or don't :P

Posted by rdhamouris at 9:53 AM EST
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Tuesday, 1 January 2002
Turnover to Construction
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Rick's Pool Project

Posted by rdhamouris at 3:00 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 1:24 PM EDT
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